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Story on The Melting Potcast

This week’s episode of The Melting Potcast features a story written by me!


If you haven’t heard of the Potcast, it’s a fun podcast that features audio fiction, interviews, writing panels, madlibs, and a host of other cool stuff.  I’m excited to be on one of their episodes (and they did a great job recording the story.  It was so great to listen to!).


Check it out here:

Witcher Wednesdays – The Last Wish Part 6

Welcome to Witcher Wednesdays, where I read and comment on The Witcher series of books by Andrzej Sapkowski. Today I’m covering the next two stories in The Last Wish , through page 311 in this edition.

This post CONTAINS SPOILERS so don’t read it until you’re caught up with the book. Ready? Let’s go!


The Voice of Reason 6

Geralt talks with Nenneke about his lost love, Yennifer. Geralt tries to give Nenneke money to give to Yen, but Nenneke refuses it and tells Geralt he’s an idiot.


This is a short, worldbuilding interlude designed to introduce Yen. Geralt wants to give Yen the money she needs to have an operation that will restore her ability to have children. Though, clearly she isn’t interested in having Geralt’s children, because he is also sterile. Maybe that’s why they broke up?


The Last Wish

Geralt and Dandilion are fishing and Dandilion reels in an old jar instead of a fish. Dandilion decides that a djinn is inside the jar and opens it to get his three wishes. The djinn appears and knocks Dandilion unconscious. Geralt manages to scare it off by screaming an exorcism at it (that later turns out to be not an exorcism at all) and carries a wounded Dandilion to the nearest town.

The town is closed for the night, but the guards let Geralt and Dandilion take shelter in the nearby guardhouse. Everyone introduces themselves to each other. The guards are Chireadan, Errdil, and Vratimir. The guards tell Geralt that his best chance of saving Dandilion, whose throat has been injured and Geralt is afraid may never sing again, is to hire a sorceress taking shelter in the town, Yennefer. Despite the fact that sorceresses are not allowed in the town, Yen has managed to make a good living.

Geralt gets into the house Yen is staying in by knocking a guard unconscious and then is instructed by a very hungover master of the house to bring Yen some apple juice. Geralt does, and finds Yen naked in her bed upstairs. Geralt asks her to heal Dandilion. Yen agrees to help, but wants to take a bath first. She insists Geralt bathe with her and then makes herself invisible so that he can’t see her naked. Geralt, of course, spends the whole time watching soap bubbles show him the outline of Yen’s body.

After the bath, they go to the guardhouse, and Yen locks herself in with Dandilion for an hour. Geralt and Chireadan talk, revealing that Chireadan has a crush on Yen and that all sorceresses are born with some sort of physical deformity, which they later cover with magic. Yen calls Geralt upstairs. When he enters Dandilion’s room, he finds himself trapped in a spell Yen has wrought on the floor. Yen says she has healed Dandilion and that he will sing again. Yen reveals that she wants to use Dandilion as bait to draw the djinn to her. Geralt refuses to help. Yen kisses Geralt, casting a spell on him, and gives him orders. Geralt begins to carry them out and then the chapter ends.


I take it back. I do like Dandilion. He’s Geralt’s comparably weak, foolish friend that needs to be rescued, which is as good a way as any to give a very powerful character a weakness. Also, the more I think back on the other stories, the more I think that Geralt needs someone like Dandilion to travel with him. If he gets too lonely he tends to start acting less than human.

There’s a lot of relationship drama in this story, which I love. It’s obvious that Geralt has a huge crush on Yen and it’s fun to watch him try to convince himself that he doesn’t find her attractive. You can also tell that Yen has been hurt by men in the past, possibly when she was younger. She definitely keeps them at arm’s length. As for her mind-controling Geralt, I expected something like that. Geralt is the kind of person who wouldn’t date someone he didn’t see as an equal, and the same goes for Yen. I can very much see them needing to prove their worth to each other. I can also see why their relationship didn’t last.


Next Week

For next week, I’m reading the rest of The Last Wish and the final frame story entry, The Voice of Reason 7. I expect the knight that challenged Geralt to a duel oh so many pages ago will make an appearance (and if he doesn’t, I’m going to be sad). That’s through the end of the book! See you next Wednesday!

Books I Liked – Some Girls Bite

Welcome to Books I Liked, a series of blog posts in which I talk about the best of what I’ve been reading.

Some Girls Bite Cover

Ah, urban fantasy, how I love thee.  I may stray to other genres, sometimes for long periods of time, but you know I’ll always be back for you.  Especially when I can fall in love with a new series.

Well, new to me.  Chloe Neill’s Chicagoland Vampires series has been going strong for years now, with a total of twelve on store shelves right now.  I’m not a stranger to Chicago, and I love series that are set in the city.  Merit is a strong female lead character and her love interest (or one of them, anyway), Ethan, is your typical romance novel lead whose character runs deeper.  Being head of his vampire clan, Ethan has to make decisions for the greater good, not his own personal desires, and Neill does a good job of showing him to be willing to make those decisions.

All in all, this is a fun romp through urban fantasy Chicago, and I couldn’t put it down.   In fact, I’m halfway through the second one now.

Find out more about Some Girls Bite and the other books in the series here.