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I finally finished The Way of Kings, and only a year after I started reading it!  That’s not constant reading, mind you.  The book is organized into five parts and I found myself putting the book aside for a month or two between parts.  They just provided a natural stopping point, and each part is roughly the length of the average novel, so it felt like time to move on to something else.

That being said, I read the last 10% in a single afternoon, because victory was in sight!  You read the 10% part right.  I got this for my Kindle in the hopes that not being able to see the huge mass of pages I had left would help with morale.  Of course, my Kindle shows the percentage I’ve read at the bottom of the screen, which was worse.  Nothing like reading for hours and only getting through 1% of a book.

All those pages are necessary, though.  A thousand pages gives Sanderson the space he needs to make Roshar feel like a real world.  Seriously, this might be the most detailed fantasy novel I’ve read.  I think if I stepped through a portal and wound up on the Shattered Plains, I’d know where I was instantly.  I can’t say that about a lot of fantasy novels I’ve read.

I feel like I said all I need to say about this book when I said that I put it down for a month or two but then came back to it.  There are very few books that I stop reading only to finish later, and even less that I take such a long break from.  Treat this one like a TV series that’s been on the air for years but you just started binge watching.  Consume the first part and let it rattle around in your brain a bit until you’re ready for season 2.

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